Chiropractic Care with Pulstar & Percussor

The Pulstar Instrument is used to reduce spinal tension and stiffness. This concept has been coined as gentle chiropractic without the “Snap, Crackle or Pop!” Pulstar utilizes multiple impulses to regain and restore flexibility and motion back to the spinal segments. Vibration is gentle and provides for patient comfort in patients of any age. Pulstar alleviates any fear one may have regards to a traditional “manual” type adjustment. Multiple Impulse Therapy (MIT) with Pulstar does not require any twisting or pressing into the body, thus it is extremely safe and feels amazing!

The Percussor from Erchonia Medical delivers a smooth vibrational energy into the muscles and ligamentous tissue to relax these areas and reduce any tension or muscular spasm. The Percussor is perfect for addressing injured joints such as the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, or foot.

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Safe and Effective Chiropractic Care with PulStar

With PulStar, you can experience precise spinal analysis and targeted adjustments with minimal discomfort or risk.

Non-Invasive and Gentle: PulStar provides a non-invasive alternative to traditional manual adjustments. Using gentle impulses delivered through a handheld instrument, we can address your spinal concerns with minimal force and discomfort.

Computerized Precision: The advanced PulStar technology allows for precise and targeted adjustments. By analyzing spinal motion, we can identify areas of restriction or misalignment with exceptional accuracy, ensuring that the right amount of force is applied where it’s needed most.

Objective Data and Visual Feedback: We go beyond subjective assessments. You’ll benefit from objective data and visual representations of your spinal condition, allowing us to track your progress over time and tailor your treatment plan accordingly.

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